IFT Analyzer
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Product Description

As screen rolls (sometimes known as annilox rolls) used in flexographic printing become worn or clogged, their carrying capacity (the thickness of the film of ink they transfer) reduces and print quality suffers.

The Ink Film Thickness Analyzer is a tool for estimating, recording and analyzing the ink carrying capacity of screen rolls.

Apply a fixed amount of ink to the surface of the screen roll, doctor the ink over the screen roll and blot. Photograph or scan the blot, load the resulting image and IFT Analyzer calculates the ink film thickness (IFT) and hence the screen roll carrying capacity.

The raw images, details of the measurements made, and the calculated IFTs are all stored in a database so that past tests can be reviewed and historical data can be analyzed. A measurement (which consists of a raw image and associated IFT and other data) can be exchanged with other users of IFT Analyzer - for example with a screen roll supplier or with a centralised QA department.

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