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Product Description

Symbotics Ink Colour Control System  is a tool for Ink colour Quality Assurance.

It comprises two programs, one for use in the Ink Kitchen and another for use at the press side.

Use ICCS in the Ink Kitchen to formulate your inks and QA any ink that is issued to the press. 

Use ICCS at the press side to expedite the setting up of the machine and to QA the work as it is printed.

ICCS ensures that inks leaving the ink kitchen are checked against the same standard as that used in the press side quality checks, and that this standard is the same as the one that was used when formulating the ink. 

One of the main goals of ICCS is to make the checking of colours as simple as possible - especially in the case of the press side operations, where simple screens and big buttons are the name of the game.

Use ICCS to communicate your colour standards and formulas between different installations.  Formulations that are in use at one production facility can be used at another facility. Production can be shifted anywhere.

ICCS relies on a serial connection to a spectrophotometer to measure colours. It currently supports Datacolor's Microflash and GretagMacbeth's Spectrolino and SpectroEye spectrophotometers.

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